She Puts Socks On Her Wipers For A Genius Reason. You Have To See Her Other Winter Hacks!


Even though scientists just informed us that 2015 was the warmest year ever on record, it doesn’t mean that winter is taking a break this year. Even in the midst of a warming global climate, old man winter can still be a real jerk. Winter is cold, depressing, and it makes traveling dangerous and frustrating. When temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, it can feel like a never-ending battle against the elements that can be downright exhausting.

In spite of how awful winter may be, don’t give up and sink into a deep winter hibernation just yet. We’re here to help prepare you for battle against even the most miserable of winter days. So get up off that couch, put away the extra large tub of hot fudge, and fight back. The following 16 hacks will help you stay warm and kick winter’s ass this year! So stay warm, stay safe, and don’t give up!