DIY Cute Sock Kitten


Sock animals are cute and very fun to make. Most important, you don’t need to have special skills to create a sock toy, as it is a very easy project. To complete your sock animal collection, here’s a cool tutorial on how to make a little sock kitten. The materials you’ll need are: socks, yarn, scissor, filling material, needle and thread, googly eyes and the pattern from below. Cut out the pieces you are going to need to assemble the body of the kitten. Add filling material inside the socks and sew the body. Sew the head in place and create the face by applying the googly eyes. Don’t forget to add the whiskers, which you can make out of black thread. Once you’ve sewn all the parts together and you have the kitten shape, you can decorate it anyway you wish or create even more sock kittens for your collection. Simply adorable!